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Why are we suffering?

  • By Radha Govind Samiti
  • •  Mar 31, 2022

What is the true cause of human suffering? Is it poverty, misery? If it is so, then why do we find even billionaires in pain and sorrow? Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj resolves this mystery by revealing the truth about happiness and joy. But, knowing about it alone will not help us. One needs to believe, contemplate, and practically apply the knowledge. Read on...


Why are you suffering? “I don’t have any money"; "I can’t find enough to eat.” And Mr Millionaire, why are you unhappy? “Money has made me unhappy.” What? How could that be? You are a millionaire. “Yes, but I’m not a billionaire like my neighbour.” You may have read that the Ambani brothers, the richest family in India, are fighting with one another. Over what? Fifty billion dollars. For this reason there is a case in the Supreme Court at the moment, and the expenses related to this case will amount to 10 billion dollars. The suffering they will experience from the animosity they feel towards each other is in addition to this.  


Just think – you may desire to have a million dollars, but just see the condition of those who are billionaires. If you were to get one million dollars, you would desire two. If you were to get two, then you would ask for four. You can never be happy like this. This disease is just like a fire that someone pours ghee (clarified butter) on. Why are you doing that? “Oh, I want to extinguish the fire.” But you have applied something that will only make the fire grow stronger.  


The one who is ignorant is therefore the one who considers himself to be the body. This is the sole cause of all suffering. Who is knowledgeable? The one who considers himself to be the soul. Apart from the soul, there are two other entities - maya and God. The question is, which of these two belongs to you? The one who understands and believes this is truly knowledgeable. Just knowing this is not enough. A person can come to know this, but he must also believe it.  


Thus, we want happiness, peace and pleasure – we don’t want unhappiness or suffering. Which of these two entities, maya or God has the happiness we desire? This has to be understood. This world is not related to us, and this is our practical experience. How do we know this? We receive happiness from the same object that causes another to suffer. If that object had been a true source of happiness, then everyone would experience happiness from it. For example, a drunkard feels happy when he hears the word wine, but a priest feels insulted if he hears the same thing. If there was happiness in wine, then the priest should also experience the same joy as the drunkard. The word wine would be like music to his ears, but it is not. Then what is it from which everyone could experience happiness, and that too, all the time and in the same way?


To be continued . . .

An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

14 November 2009


© Radha Govind Samiti


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