Who am I? Who is Mine?

Volume 1
Opening India's timeless Vedic culture
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Pages: 338

Devout seekers have requested me for a long time to give a series of spiritual discourses that contain the essence of all my philosophical doctrines, so that the entire world can receive the treasure of this divine knowledge for their future betterment . . .  

In the meticulous Hindi discourses entitled Main Kaun? Mera Kaun? “Who am I? Who is Mine?” Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj reveals the innermost secrets of the Vedas, Shastras and Puranas, and opens India’s timeless Vedic culture for the whole world to see and understand. In a simple and logical manner, he presents the rich tradition of India’s ancient Rishis, Munis and great Vedic scholars in a modern-day context.

As Jagadguruttam – the supreme spiritual master – Kripalu Ji Maharaj establishes the applicability and distinctiveness of bhakti yoga. His systematic exposition of spirituality, spiritual laws and devotion is lucid and eloquent, augmented with examples from activities of daily life. Why we are constantly in pursuit of happiness, how we can genuinely be happy and what we must do to attain happiness are comprehensibly resolved. He reveals the secrets of divine love and proves the indispensability of God in our life, and bhakti as the only spiritual path to His attainment. Sanatan Dharm, the eternal religion commonly known as Hinduism is reinstated as the repository of spirituality for the entire world.   

The content of this publication is the English translation of the first ten discourses in the series. To read an excerpt from a discourse, click on the link below:

Discourse 1  You are Some Body out of Three Bodies!

Discourse 2  There is only one God

Discourse 3  The Twelve Qualities of the Soul

Discourse 4  He Resides in the Soul which resides in the Heart 

Discourse 5 Attain God and Attain Eternal Happiness 

Discourse 6 The One Word that Describes God 

Discourse 7 The Work of God and Not His Saint

Discourse 8 Creation and Test Match Cricket  

Discourse 9 Why Can't I See God?

Discourse 10 One God; Two Manifestations

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