True Happiness, 6

It is just because of this, i.e. practicing devotion with the physical body and senses and attaching the mind to the world, that we fail to receive God’s grace. We have passed through uncountable births doing exactly this. Even if you practice devotion for hours at a stretch, what do you do during that time? How many tears do you shed to meet God? Most say, “Oh, I didn’t do that. I was counting prayer beads,” “I read from a scripture,” or “I went on pilgrimage.” These are just physical things – what did your mind do? God wants your mind. 

Milahinna Raghupatibinuanuraga, kiye yoga japagyanaviraga. God cannot be attained by any other means except love! You must cry and beg Him. Become like a small child and eliminate your cleverness. Being clever and cunning will work for you in the world, but not in your devotion. In devotion you have to again become like a small child and cry and ask God to see Him and to receive His love. Don’t ask for the world. The truth is whatever you get from this world makes you farther away from God.

Nahinkou as janmajagamahin, prabhutapaigyahi mad nahin. The luxuries of this world increase pride and ego. Pride, ego and God are enemies. Therefore, the remedy for all these mental afflictions is to cry and call out to God. Beg Him for His grace. Do not ask Him for moksha (liberation) and do not ask for bandhan (bondage), in the form of worldly desires. Only ask for grace. What do we know of what exists in His divine abode? Whatever He thinks is best He will bestow on us. Therefore, we should also ask Him for the common sense to know what to ask for. If a young child is presented with a priceless diamond or a piece of candy, he will choose the candy. What could he know about the value of the diamond?

Once, God went to the celestial abodes and Indra greeted Him with great pomp. God said, “Ask for a boon.” Indra said, “Please give me such a woman whose beauty has no comparison anywhere in the three worlds.” God smiled and thought, “Just look at what he is asking for! Does he lack female companionship?” Menaka and the other celestial maidens also reside in the celestial abodes. But to fulfil his request, with His power of yogamaya, God manifested millions of women, “Here, choose one.” Indra chose one maiden, Urvashi. He took her to his Guru, Brihaspati. They bowed to him and asked for his blessing. Brihaspati said, “Who is this woman?” Indra said, “Guruji, I met God and then He said I should ask for boon and then . . . well . . .” Brihaspati said, “What? You made such a foolish request of God? You are defaming your Guru! God has unlimited divine bliss, why didn’t you ask for that? You have had the association of millions of women in previous lives. Aren’t you satisfied yet? Again you asked for a woman?” Indra said, “Oh but Guru Ji, God already left. I made a mistake!”

Therefore, stop this disease of asking for the world. Just ask Him for His grace and love. Become innocent. Do not apply your intellect to this. Reciting a special Sanskrit mantra or prayer will not fulfil your aim. Cry and speak to Him in your own language, whatever that may be. God responds to the feelings of your heart, not the words you utter. This understanding is the essence of all the scriptures. 


An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

15 November 2009


© Radha Govind Samiti


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