True Happiness, 5

The Mundaka Upanishad says there are two eternal friends that reside in your heart – you and God. Just believe it. But this is where we have a problem. We do not accept this. If we did accept this, then there would only be one thing left to do: beg. What is required is to believe and then to beg. A person may say, “But when I go to the temple I beg all the time. ‘O God! Let me see You. Grace me.’” Everyone prays to God like this wherever God is worshipped and you also do it in your own home. But your begging is just superficial. You are only asking with your voice and words. You are not begging from the heart. 

It is customary everywhere to offer food to God before eating. A person closes his eyes for a few moments and thinks, “Oh God, come and eat.” In temples, big offerings of food are made to the Deities. But does any temple priest have faith that God will actually eat that food? If he had even .1 percent faith that this was possible, after opening his eyes he would look to see, “Alright, what did God eat?” And if he saw that God did not eat anything, he would feel bad. If someone in your own family refuses to eat, you will definitely feel bad and you also will not eat. You would cry and say, “He left without eating!” But if God left without eating what was offered to Him, you have no reaction at all. Then why offer food to Him if you don’t believe He will actually eat it? You may respond, “It’s a tradition. My father did it so I do it too and besides that, everyone does it. I also sprinkle water over the food and say a few mantras.” So will God eat because you said a few mantras

If someone discovers you are acting insincerely with them in the world, his mood will go completely off. Yet you are acting like this before God who is all-powerful, omnipresent and all-knowing. From your mouth you verbally recite, “You alone are my mother,” but you love your physical mother who is at home. How could God grace you? When you were a newborn and you were hungry or thirsty, or a mosquito bit you or you wet your diapers or you felt cold, what did you do? You could not speak or indicate what you needed. Then how did you remedy this? You simply cried. For everything that bothered you there was just one remedy, crying. Your mother thought, “Why did he cry? Oh, he’s cold! Four hours have passed, he must be hungry!” Your physical mother can make a mistake determining what you need, but your divine mother is not like this. But do we cry and beg for His grace? “O Lord, please remove this maya. Grace me so I may see You. Bestow on me Your divine love.” Even if the technique is correct, the content is wrong. The majority of people ask instead for the world.

To be continued . . .


An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

15 November 2009



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10/29/2019 6:05 AM
Thanks for the English translation. Priceless Wisdom.