True Happiness, 3

Saint Tulsidas wrote, kama vatakaphalobhaapara, krodha pitta nit chhatijara. The root cause of physical disease is the three doshas of vata, kapha and pitta. Similarly, the Gita describes that desire, anger and greed are not only the source of mental disease, but also the doorway to hell and they lead to one’s utter destruction. So just as we take medicine for a physical disease, so we should take some medicine for these mental afflictions and there are many remedies prescribed for these that people practice. 

Saint Tulsidas writes, nem dharma achar tapa yoga yagyajapadaan . . . Proper behaviour, good actions, physical austerities, yoga, Vedic rituals, repetition of God’s name, the giving of charity – even if you take millions of these remedies prescribed in the name of dharm, these mental afflictions will not go away. No matter how many good actions you perform, you will only attain the celestial abodes, and there this disease will not stop. The source of this disease is maya. If maya goes away, then all these afflictions will also go away. If you cut the root of a tree, then the trunk, branches, twigs, leaves, flowers and fruit will all cease to exist. But if you cut just one branch, you will not eliminate the tree. Instead two, four or six new branches will grow in place of the one that was cut. 

Desires are such that if you fulfil any one of them, it gives rise to greed. If you do not fulfil desire, it gives rise to anger. Both these enemies are standing before you. It does not matter if it’s a small desire or a big one. You had a desire that your child should obey you. “Son, bring me some water.” He ran to get it. You thought, “He will really serve us when we become old.” Ten minutes later you ask him, “Bring my glasses.” He remained sitting. “I said bring my glasses.” He still didn’t move. “Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me?” Still he remained seated. “I gave birth to a demon!” He was the embodiment of service a few minutes earlier and now he is a demon! 

You fight all the time in your home with your mother, father, husband and wife. Why? If your desire is not fulfilled, you fight. If your desire was fulfilled you developed more desires beyond this. Did you earn $100,000? “Yes, but now how can I get $200,000? What should I do?” Did you earn a billion? “Yes, but what business should I do so that I can double it?”

So desire, anger, and greed are the generals in maya’s army. Absolutely no one can defeat them, no matter if they are a human being, a celestial god or a demon. No one has ever been born anywhere in this universe who could defeat maya, and no one ever will be. Why?

To be continued . . .

An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

15 November 2009


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