True Happiness, 2

God has uncountable names. Out of these, one name is ananda, supreme divine bliss. We are a part of that. We are not this physical body. Each of us is an individual soul and this is why we desire God’s ananda. Apart from God and us there is also all of ‘this’, i.e. the world. There are three – you, the individual soul, He, who is God and everything else, i.e. the world or maya

You have received so much worldly happiness. You experience it every day in so many ways and everyone has experienced and knows its nature, yet everyone remains unhappy. The more wealth a person possesses, the more unhappiness he feels. The richest billionaire, the most beautiful woman or man, the most powerful government official – each is surrounded by personal bodyguards. Neither they nor their children can go out in public by themselves. Many continuously worry that someone may try to kill them. Why? For their wealth or due to their power. This fear causes great suffering. 

In fact, there are two great sufferings that are important to understand. Two forms of suffering affect us - one relates to the body and one to the mind. You all know what physical suffering is – today you caught a cold, you came down with a fever, your stomach is hurting, etc. There are even bigger diseases than this like cancer. Everyone suffers from these, regardless of whether they are a king or a billionaire. But the greatest suffering of all is mental suffering. What is that? Lust, anger, greed, jealousy, and so on. These mental afflictions are the most frightening. A person may live in a house made of gold and lack nothing in this world, but he feels no peace. He is in depression. He takes sleeping pills just so he can get two or three hours of sleep. Why? Because he is wealthy. 

If someone became the ruler of the entire Earth he would still feel unhappy. He thinks, “The human body is so dirty and it becomes diseased, but a celestial body is really something special! It always exudes perfume. I have heard that the celestial gods never feel hungry or thirsty. If only I could go there . . .” He went there as Indra, the king of the celestial abodes. Even then he felt, “Brahma’s abode is still better than mine!” This disease never ends. We have been in the celestial abodes hundreds of thousands of times. The residents there also feel tense and agitated if they see someone who has more than themselves. Desires, anger, greed and all the mental vices still exist there. 

Thus, these mental diseases that cause mental suffering are the most frightening. This is called the disease of maya.

To be continued . . .


An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

15 November 2009



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