The Secret of Deity Worship

The power that any object possesses is not influenced by one’s feelings. In other words, if someone unknowingly drank milk mixed with poison, that substance (the poison) would produce a poisonous effect and that person would die, because the outcome of drinking poison is death. If someone knowingly drank poison in order to commit suicide, he would also die. It therefore does not matter if a person knowingly or unknowingly drinks poison, he will die. If someone who does not know how to swim intentionally jumps into a river to kill himself, or he accidentally slips and falls in, the outcome is the same. In our country, thousands die accidentally like this every year. This means that the object produces an outcome, which has no concern with your intention or feelings towards that object.

Similarly, there is a stone Deity. That stone was brought from somewhere, sculpted into a form and then given a name like Rama, Krishna or Hanuman. It is just stone – it does not see, hear, taste, smell, feel, think or know. It is lifeless. As a result, we should receive a similar consequence from that object through its worship. What is that outcome? A person drank poison mixed in milk and even though he thought it to be milk, he was still poisoned. In the very same way, whatever feeling you may invest in the stone Deity, you should receive the consequence of it just being stone.

Shri Krishna came on this Earth as a divine descension; He was Supreme God. Those who knew and believed Him to be Supreme God and loved Him received a divine consequence; this is only logical. Yet, there were also those who never knew nor believed Him to be Supreme God and who just considered Him to be an ordinary boy and loved Him as such. Some accepted and loved Him as their father, as their son and as their husband, but they also received a divine consequence and entered Goloka. Even those who were hostile towards Shri Krishna, who were negatively attached to Him, received this attainment.

A man has a parasa, a mythological stone that converts iron into gold. Whether a person touches that lovingly to some object or he angrily slams it against some object, the object will be converted to gold. The effect will come from the parasa, provided the parasa and the object come into contact with each other. Similarly, electricity is flowing through a wire. Whether a person accidentally touches it or touches it on purpose to die, he will be electrocuted. Parikshit asked his Guru, Shukdeva Paramahansa in the Bhagavatam (10.29.12), “The gopis believed that Shri Krishna was just a boy. They never thought He was God. In fact, they used to verbally taunt Him. Still, mentally they felt attached to Him and loved Him. Everyone in the world loves like this. So how were they liberated from maya?” Shukdeva strongly admonished Parikshit, “Didn’t I explain to you earlier that Shishupal attained the divine abode? This too, after he insulted Shri Krishna one hundred times in the royal assembly.” (Bhagavatam 10.29.13) You attain the effect of the object your mind is attached to. But your mind has to come into contact with that through emotional attachment, no matter what that emotion may be – this is the condition. “So Parikshit, listen carefully and now do not have any more doubts about God or a Saint in the future.” (Bhagavatam, 10.29.15)

Many impurities flow into the holy river Ganga. They do not make the Ganga impure; rather it is the Ganga that purifies the impurities. Anything can be placed in fire, but it does not make the fire impure. Whatever is placed there eventually is converted into fire. The rays of the sun fall everywhere equally, no matter if they fall upon the pure or impure. This does not make the sun impure. God is omnipresent. He dwells in even the dirtiest impure places, but God does not become impure because of this. He makes the impure divinely pure.

In this way, whether Shri Krishna is remembered through feelings of lust, anger, greed, jealously or even hostility, regardless of how one’s mind is attached to Him, the consequence of this attachment is attaining Shri Krishna and going to Goloka. Thus, now you understand one point – that you should be mentally attached to Shri Krishna, regardless of whether you believe He is Supreme God, a human being or an enemy.

To be continued . . . 

An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

9 January 2010


© Radha Govind Samiti


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