The Importance of the Mind, 3

God’s name is so powerful that you could say it just once and attain God-realisation and liberation from maya, but the condition is that your mind must be completely attached to God. Shri Krishna told Arjuna the essence of the entire Gita in just one sentence. “Arjuna, listen carefully. Keep your mind continuously attached to Me and wage this war.” (Gita 8.7) What happens in the world? A judge gives an order for the police to open fire into a crowd; ten people die. The police are asked, “Did you shoot?” “Yes, we did.” “Should you receive the death sentence?” “Of course not! Ask the judge why he gave us the order. We’re responsible.” The judge is interviewed, “Listen, if I had not given them the order to fire their weapons, then instead of ten people, a hundred would have died.”

So God only notes one’s mental intention. Arjuna killed millions in the Mahabharata War, but Shri Krishna didn’t make a note of any of these. People might say, “Arjuna should get a big punishment.” What crime did he commit? “He committed so many murders!” Says who? “We saw it with our own eyes!” Shri Krishna says, “Your eyes are deceiving you. His mind was with Me. He had no animosity for anyone.” So the activity of the mind, not the senses, is what is regarded as an action. The activity of the senses is simply a physical drill. Someone is mouthing, “Rama Rama, Shyama Shyama,” but his mind is attached to his mother, father, spouse, child, wealth or reputation. Whatever your mind is attached to is what you receive after your death. (Gita, 8.6)

“The one who remembers Me at the time of death will go to Golok.” (Gita, 8.5) Shri Krishna is referring to the one who lovingly remembers Him, not the one who merely takes His name. “The one who lovingly remembers Me at the time of his death attains My divine abode.” (Gita, 8.13) So the mind is most important and that is why I repeatedly emphasise that before taking God’s name you must first lovingly remember His form. Imagine He is standing before You or that He is in your heart. In either case first visualise His form.

To be continued . . .

An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

14 August 2010

Bhakti Dham, Mangarh

© Radha Govind Samiti


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