The Importance of Charity, 2

Donation is of great importance in Kaliyuga. Brahma has ordained that donation is the only way for the spiritual and material upliftment of human beings. We wear a variety of costly dresses, and we change those dresses daily. We consume delicious food and live a luxurious life. Have you ever stop and thought why? It is the result of our good deeds from past lives. We must have donated towards a good cause and helped others, and so God is giving us in lieu of those past good deeds in this present life. Some people are living in poverty and are in dire straits, they also reap the fruits of their past deeds. Even mothers abandon their children, throwing them in dustbins. To make ends meet, such children become thieves, murderers and engage in other such anti-social activity. All living beings are slaves of hunger and will do anything, good or bad, to satisfy it. But the human being is endowed with a special boon, and that is called a mind or having the wisdom to think and decide what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, our needs, requirements and consumption should be within a reasonable limit. 

yavad bhriyeta jatharan . . . (Bhagavatam 7.14.8) Veda Vyasa states that your right is limited to your basic requirements only, and whoever crosses that limit and spends lavishly is destined to be punished: adhikan yo’bhimanyeta . . . (Bhagavatam 7.14.8) The marriage of your daughter could be performed within a limit of 10 lacs, but you spend 80 lacs; why? “Because my relatives and other family members advised me to do so, it was a case of maintaining my social standing. I have to preserve my honour and good name in society.” How silly such answers are. If someone approaches you asking you to give in the name of God, you turn up your nose and knit your brows. “Why should I waste my hard-earned money on others?” This will be your reply. You may not be willing to even donate Rs. 1000. Some people on the other hand, serve others and spend on others by begging for alms, while some millionaires desist spending even a penny on others. Why is this? Veda Vyasa has explained: yavatpapaistu . . . (Brahm Vaivart) “The more sinful the heart, the more one will avoid moving in the direction of acts of welfare and God.” Only satsang and the regular association of a genuine Saint can change this mentality. The current craze to amass wealth and property does not make a person happy, and instead besets such a person with an endless array of problems.

To be continued . . .


An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

26 June 2013


© Radha Govind Samiti


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