The Importance of Charity

Our country consists of many states and districts. Likewise, our body is a combination of sense organs, mind and heart, etc. with each part working for the welfare and well-being of the entire body. Even a small prick from a thorn makes all these organs active in diverting their attention to the affected area, making every effort to rid the body of the problem according to their capability. God always dwells in the heart of every living being, and so service rendered to others is ordained as being of paramount importance in the Vedas

Uttarakhand has witnessed an unprecedented disaster. This region is referred to as Devlok, the abode of the gods, and an area of Lord Shiva Himself. He is angry because His unworthy children do not pay heed to the spiritual discourses of great Saints deputed by Him from time to time, and therefore, Lord Shiva assumed an action of punishment. Punishment is not something that is liked by anyone, but it is always salutary and does bring good results. For example, a mother rebukes and reprimands her child many times during his childhood. She also dispenses punishment when needed for his or her welfare, good rearing and future career prospects. In fact, it is a part of her duty as a mother. Similarly, Lord Ashutosh has resorted to this method by way of punishment. There is no way to accurately count the casualties; it may go into many thousands. Those who survived the disaster are in an even more pitiable and deplorable condition; be generous to them. 

I am your mentor and you all are like my children, so it is also your duty to obey my instruction. There are many affluent ashrams and many millionaires and billionaires in our country, but I was the first to declare a donation of Rs. 1 crore for this cause, which I have already donated. It was not my money; it belongs to all of you as it was deposited in the Trust. This money was donated after withdrawing it from the Trust, which will in no way render our Trust a pauper. Everything will go as usual and I am confident that it will be reimbursed by you. In fact, my confidence in you all made me not hesitate to withdraw and donate this amount that I now am declaring before you. Now this responsibility rests on you to make up the deficit. You will attain great solace and happiness by doing so, and Lord Bholenath will bestow His blessing on you all. Reflect over this carefully and then register your name on the donation list tomorrow, pledging to make your donation within a month. The amount of Rs. 1 crore is not such a large sum for collective donors. A father begs for alms from many of his children, while other people spend lavishly on the marriage ceremonies of their children. For them, 70 lacs to 80 lacs is not considered a big amount! However, the ultimate result of doing so is never satisfactory. There is no one who becomes happy and satisfied by doing this, even after receiving large amounts in dowries or other gifts. Some even demand a car and cash, the hen has been killed but the eater says that the chicken is not tasty.

To be continued . . .


An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

26 June 2013


© Radha Govind Samiti


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