Sumirana Kara Le Mana

Remember the Lord every moment
Absorbed in His loving remembrance
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Pages: 40

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj has presented the entire philosophy of divine love so beautifully in these few lines that its meaning seems to be a concise summary of Prema Rasa Siddhanta. Presented just as Shri Maharaj Ji wanted it, as a pocket-sized publication in both Hindi and English, a spiritual aspirant need not read anything else or understand any more than what is presented here, in order to fulfil the goal of his devotional practice. In addition to reading and singing this sankirtan, it is also important to listen to the discourses delivered by Shri Maharaj Ji elaborating on the meaning of some of the lines. These discourses are available from most JKP centres in Hindi on Mp3.

Master Stroke

Sumirana Kara Le Mana is a stirring lyrical creation, perfectly engineered and complemented with a delightful sweet melody that delivers profound spiritual truths into the hearts and minds of seekers of God's love. Being one of Shri Maharaj Ji's most formative sankirtans, and also one of his last, it eloquently presents the philosophy of divine love while addressing some of the major stumbling blocks along the way to its attainment, most notably, that singing God's glories merely with the tongue is as futile as trying to extract oil from sand.    

Sumirana Kara Le Mana Chhina Chhina Radharamana was first uttered by Shri Maharaj Ji on 21 August 2012. It grew to become the inspiration that it is today, captured in this modest publication in the way Shri Maharaj Ji wanted it. Its seventy-one verses lay a practical foundation for anyone who sincerely wishes to learn how to cleanse his mind and heart. So important are these verses that Shri Maharaj Ji gave numerous elaborations at different times on their significance.  

Open any page and you will admire how each verse seems complete within itself, yet remaining imperative to those before and after it. The undulating rhythm of these poetic lines demonstrates the cogent expression of their divinely inspired creator.

After decades of selfless service, Shri Maharaj Ji has left so much to inspire us and to guide us. His literary legacy is vast with its many towering peaks and lush valleys. Rightfully taking its place at the plateau is Sumirana Kara Le Mana, a moving call to all the souls of this world yearning to taste the love supreme.


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