With the exception of Spirituality in Daily Living, these publications displayed in reverse chronological order have been written and compiled by Radha Govind Samiti. 

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Kirti Mandir

Glorifying Selfless and Exclusive Devotion to Shri Radha

Jagadguruttam (H)

A blissful life

Spirituality in Daily Living

A refreshing look at spiritual truths

Jagadguruttam (E)

A blissful life

Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat

Inspired and enterprising charitable work

Lila Samvaran (H) - Paperback

The Disappearance of Jagadguruttam

My Beloved Master

A tribute of love

Prem Mandir Souvenir (E) - Paperback

A transcendental gift of divine love

Prem Mandir Souvenir (E) - Hardbound

A transcendental gift of divine love

Prem Mandir Souvenir (H) - Paperback

A transcendental gift of divine love


Sanskrit titles and core teachings explained
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