Shri Rama and Shri Krishna are the Same, 7

Rama is not conscious about who He is asking this question to. Is it animate or inanimate? This is His state in separation from a woman? At least that is the way we must have perceived this drama. We are the same age as Rama, that is to say we too are eternal. We can compete with Him on this issue. Ever since Rama has been, so have we.

The soul, maya and God are all beginningless, endless and eternal realities. Thus, we must have seen Him, been present during His descension and must have laughed at Him and said, "Look at Him? He's gone mad. He is asking a tree where His Sita is!" And look at what He says to Lakshman: ko ham bruhi, “Who am I”? ko ham bruhi . . . Lakshman said, “You sir are of noble birth.” “Who I? Of noble birth?” “You are the Supreme Lord Rama.” “O I am Rama, I see. I see.” ke yuyam “And who are you?" He has forgotten Lakshman! Lakshman replied, “My Lord! I am Your servant, Lakshman.” “Oh now I understand. I am Rama and you are Lakshman. But tell me, what are we doing in the jungle?” He has forgotten what He was doing there! kantare kimihasmahe nanda . . . “We are looking for the divine mother.” “Divine mother?” ka devi “Which divine mother”? janakadhiraja tanya “The daughter of Janak.” “Oh, ha janaki.” Taking Her name, He fell unconsciousness.

Now tell me if you have seen a person so attached to His wife in the world? There is no one. And there cannot be anyone like that. saimitre namu sevyatam . . . “Lakshman, let us go into the shade of this tree. The sun is very hot.” Rama is saying this at night! Lakshman says, “My Lord! What is this You are saying?” chadashnirishika katha raghupati . . . “My Lord! This is the moon. Where will you find the sun at night?” He is asking the creepers, trees and leaves for the whereabouts of Sita. These are His lilas. The word lila is used. Seeing these pastimes, who wouldn't get deluded?

To be continued . . .


An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

18 August 1999


© Radha Govind Samiti


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