Shri Rama and Shri Krishna are the Same, 2

Now, beyond this is the form of Paramatma. He has a form and all six opulence's. Powers are manifest in Him, but not fully. The third is Bhagavan, of which the other two are manifestations. This is the Personal God with qualities, who we know as Rama and Krishna. In Them all powers in totality are manifest. He is all-seeing, omniscient, all-controlling; the witness to everything, a friend to all, the Lord of all and all-powerful and omnipotent. He has infinite qualities. A person may well be able to count the dust particles on this Earth, but he will not be able to enumerate the qualities of Rama, which are infinite, yo va anantasya gunanamta. (Bhagavatam)

A person is mad if he says, “I can count His qualities." It cannot be done. Nothing of Rama’s is limited. His names are infinite, qualities are infinite, pastimes are infinite, abodes are infinite and associates are infinite. Everything is of an infinite quantity and that type of infinite that if you were to take away infinite, you would be left with infinite, purnasya purnamadaya prumanevavabisyate.

Purushottam Rama is the ultimate whole and such a whole that if you were to remove the whole, you would still be left with the whole. The Vedas say, sa bhagavan. Further it says, ramastvam paramatmasi sachidananda vigrah. "O Lord Rama! You are the Paramatma." That is to say, Bhagavan Rama is both Paramatma and Brahm. They are two manifestations of His.

For example, chayastaisamityavadhautam pura . . . When Narada Ji was coming before Sri Krishna from Vaikuntha, he saw a light descending. As he came closer, they saw an effulgent human form and when he was close to Earth they said, “Oh it is Narada Ji.” Brahm is like the light, Paramatma is like what was seen in between and Bhagavan like the Narada seen, alighting onto the Earth. The last form is that in which everything is visible, just as I am sitting before you.  Like that, Rama and Krishna sit before you and speak to you and you are able to catch Them with all your senses, just as you are able to do in the world.

To be continued . . .


An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

18 August 1999


© Radha Govind Samiti


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