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The True Association
Three means to realise God
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As part of his daily routine of composing new verses and giving short punchy explanations, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj composed two that he stressed upon greatly. These discourses are so important that he instructed everyone to listen to them daily. This compact publication containing the transcripts of both these speeches galvanises us to engage in devotional practice.

In the first discourse Shri Maharaj Ji describes what associating with a true Saint really entails, i.e. an aspirants mind must be associated with the teachings and will of the Saint. Merely sitting in a Saints company with your mind wandering in thoughts of the world will not suffice. In the second discourse he describes the three essential elements required to complete your journey to God - a human body, understanding of how to associate with a true Saint and applying it practically and an intense longing in the heart to attain divine love. We learn that this last ingredient still eludes us and so we must focus all our strength on developing it. Shri Maharaj Ji says that an aspirants restlessness to meet God should be as intense as the restlessness of a fish that gasps for air when it is hauled from water.  

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