Sadhaka Savadhani (E)

The Words of Caution
How not to lose your spiritual wealth
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Pages: 64

What started out as an informal discussion on 26 June 2000 soon became a practical discourse like no other. Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj explained the importance of retaining your spiritual wealth, acquired through the grace of Guru and sincere devotional practice. The precautions to be observed, especially when one is not in the physical presence of the Guru are outlined in detail. Shri Maharaj Ji explains the fine balance required by the householder while interacting with family, friends and neighbours, etc.  

Using the analogy of a cyclist, Shri Maharaj Ji explains that just as he observes extreme caution while moving on a busy road; always careful of the oncoming traffic, the vehicles behind him, the people on either side of him and those overtaking or passing by, in the same way, a spiritual aspirant must also constantly observe precautions in daily life in order to progress towards his goal of God-realisation. 

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