Meditation can be of many kinds. Imagine you are taking your soul out of your body and you are leaving your gross body here. Now, visualise that your soul as a divine body which is similar to Shri Krishna's. It has unlimited lustre, fragrance, beauty, charm and all divine qualities. Imagine you are rising upwards and you are passing through an opening with your divine body. Beyond this is the great divine ocean, Brahmadrava, where the paramahansas who have merged into Impersonal Brahm remain forever in a fully unconscious state. Beyond Brahmadrava is the divine river, Yamuna. It is not like the Yamuna you are familiar with here on Earth. The divine Yamuna marks the boundary of Goloka. Reach the gates of Goloka in your rupadhyana

Everything in Goloka is divine and conscious. Maya cannot enter there. The earth, water, fire and space there give you the same unlimited bliss as Shri Krishna's embrace. If you touch a particle of earth there, you will experience the same bliss that Janaka experienced on seeing Shri Rama, and that the gopis experienced in the pastimes of rasa with Shri Krishna.

In this way, the trees, the creepers, the flowers and everything else will give you the same bliss that is in Shri Krishna . . .


Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

An excerpt from Rupadhyana - Loving Remembrance, the English translation of Rupadhyana, p. 30-31

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