If you always feel the presence of Shri Krishna everywhere, then your devotional meditation, rupadhyana, will definitely be deeper and profound. Secondly, you will not be influenced by maya and inclined towards committing sinful actions. Even if this tendency arises, you will immediately become cautious thinking that you belong to Shri Krishna, and therefore, in order to receive His grace you should refrain from committing sinful actions.

Just as you experience your own identity all the time and everywhere, similarly, you should feel your Beloved Shri Krishna to be present everywhere with you. For practising rupadhyana you can choose whether to visualise Him seated within your heart or anywhere outside. Shri Krishna is your eternal master and you are His eternal servant. He is the Soul of your soul. Just as you are the soul that imparts life to the physical body, Shri Krishna is the Soul of every soul, Paramatma, and imparts life to every soul. 

Just as you (the soul) reside in your body, Shri Krishna, the Supreme Soul resides in each and every soul. Just as your physical body always serves the soul, similarly, you (the individual soul) are an eternal servant of Shri Krishna and therefore you should engage yourself in His divine service. The Vedas state: yasyatma shariram yasyaksharam . . . "Shri Krishna resides within every soul."


Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

An excerpt from Rupadhyana - Loving Remembrance, the English translation of Rupadhyana, p. 22-3

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