Refund and Replacement


Radha Govind Prachar Samagri (RGPS) makes no provision for a cash refund on any purchase made by a consumer on If an order received by the consumer is not what was ordered or the item(s) arrive in a damaged or defective condition, the consumer can request a replacement and return the incorrect or defective item(s) to RGPS within 7 days of receiving them. When the request is validated by RGPS, a replacement copy(s) will be sent at RGPS's expense to the consumer within 7-10 days.


Email RGPS ( within 7 days of receiving the incorrect, damaged or faulty item(s) specifying the reason(s) for requesting a replacement. To report a damaged parcel or contents for a replacement email details of the damage along with a photograph(s). RGPS will verify whether the damage was incurred in transit or in packaging. Failure to provide photographic evidence may result in the request for a replacement being denied. 




In the event a consumer's order lodged for books or magazines through cannot be shipped, Radha Govind Prachar Samagri (RGPS) will cancel the order. There is no such provision for ebooks.

RGPS reserves the right to cancel an order prior to shipment for one or both of the following reasons:

  • The ordered item is found to be out of stock.
  • The consumers specified address on the Order Information Form is not serviceable.

RGPS reserves the right to cancel an order post shipment for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The ordered item could not be delivered to the consumer.
  • The ordered item on arrival to the consumer was found to be defective, and a replacement is not available.
  • The shipping address details on the Order Information Form were found to be untraceable, inaccurate or incomplete.
  • The ordered item was damaged in transit to the consumer and a replacement item is not available.


RGPS shall inform the consumer via their email given on the Order Information Form stating the reason(s) for the cancellation of their order. The consumer will be invited to place another order of the same monetary value on Should the consumer decline via return email, RGPS shall refund the consumer the original amount within 7-10 days of receiving verification.


Consumers are advised not to accept the delivery of their ordered item if the packaging appears to be opened, damaged or tampered with in any manner. RGPS advises all customers to read the documents listed under the headings Shop with Confidence and Services for You located at the bottom of the screen, including the Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Shipping PolicyHow to Shop and Frequently Asked Questions.