Reflections, 10

Be Humble

Do not ever have any ill feelings against anyone and always have humble feelings for yourself. Think, "I am fallen, destitute and sinful. I am unable to shed tears even while chanting God's names. God is omnipresent and He is sitting in everyone's heart, yet I am not able to realise it. I am such an atheist." Recall to mind these humbling feelings and this realisation again and again. Then see how much you progress day by day. Pride is your biggest enemy, so be very wary of it. If you do your spiritual practice like this, then Kripalu will come here again and again, even without being invited, to serve you. The most important thing is to eliminate any ill feelings you have developed against anyone. If you have, then go to him or her and ask for forgiveness and behave nicely to them. Behave in such a way that he or she feels humbled. This quality should be developed. You have to practice like this.


An English translation of an excerpt from a speech originally given in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


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