Reflections, 5

Feel His Presence

Every soul should attach his or her mind to the names, forms, pastimes, qualities, abodes and Saints of Shri Radha Krishna alone. The mind should not be attached for a moment - even .1 of a percent - anywhere else. But of course, do not harbour hostility towards any god or goddess, or even a demon for that matter. Become neutral towards all. If you have ill-feeling towards them, then your mind will become attached to them. Being neutral means not to love them; just pay your respects. But who are you paying respects to? To Shri Rama who is sitting inside this demon.

Let the world think that you are paying respect to a demon; after all, bowing down to someone is not bad. You bow down to the goddess whose temple you pass on your way home. But do not bow down to the goddess per se, bow down to the Supreme Lord residing inside her. Bow down to Shri Krishna; feel only His presence everywhere. Only if we attain this level of exclusivity, which is currently a great shortcoming; a great weakness in us, if we can rid ourselves of this weakness then God will free us from the sins of our countless lifetimes. He will free us from the fruits of all our past and present actions and take full responsibility for our future too.

Thinking thus, remove this shortcoming that exists within through proper understanding and shape your live accordingly.  


An English translation of an excerpt from a speech originally given in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


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