Reflections, 4

When we do devotion, many obstacles arise.

It is not that obstacles arise due to devotion; obstacles arise due to one's destiny and some arise due to one's own mistakes. Problems always keep arising whether or not you practice devotion. Devotion puts an end to obstacles; it does not invite them. You see, devotion is connected to God and God always helps the devotee. He does not do the opposite of this. Obstacles arise due to actions of the past; they arise in the lives of great Saints too. 


Maharaj Ji, they say that maya troubles the spiritual aspirant as he practices devotion to God.

Devotion chases maya away. Maya does not come to the devotee; it does not have the courage to approach the devotee. (Sanskrit verse) Maya trembles in fear before those who practice devotion to God. Thus, maya does not trouble the spiritual aspirant. If sinful actions of the past are bearing fruit, however, they will present obstacles to not only the spiritual aspirant but also the realised soul. It is very wrong to think that since obstacles come in the path of the aspiring devotee that it is better not to practice devotion. Just think, God wants us to practice devotion; why would He stop anyone from doing so? Besides, maya is the maidservant of God, so how can maya have the audacity to trouble a devotee? (Sanskrit verse) Maya cannot stand before devotion. It does not have the courage to do so, and God is willing to give up His life itself for the devotee. God walks behind His devotee, so why fear maya? Of course, he is still an aspiring devotee and not yet a fully-fledged one, nevertheless, obstacles are removed by devotion; they do not arise because of it. Do not think this even in your dreams.   


An English translation of a conversation originally had in Hindi with:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


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