Reflections, 14

Our Greatest Benefactor

The true benefactor can only be the one who no longer has any self-interest to fulfil, and that is God! However, God is not available to us. Who can even tell us that our true benefactor is God? God will not come and tell us this. We accept the world to be our true benefactor. We earn money all lifelong, we construct a house, earn a good reputation in society and cheat others. This is what we do, and then one day we die. What will happen after our death? We do not know. What will happen; will happen! No one told us that we will be forced to wander in the 8.4 million life forms.

Thus, our greatest benefactor is God. Yet, an even greater benefactor is the Guru, because he is the one who teaches us about the self; about our ultimate aim in life and how to fulfil it. All this is done by the Guru. For this reason, the Vedas, Vedic scriptures and the Saints have said, “The Saint is greater than God.”


An English translation of an excerpt from a speech originally given in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


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