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Evaluate Your Faith

Sometimes we start thinking against our Guru; sometimes we start losing faith in our scriptures and sometimes the world is more appealing. If the world is more attractive then detachment will not happen, and where there is no detachment from the world there is no faith. Detachment is the foundation of faith.

Pay attention to these two words: 100 percent and always. There should be 100 percent belief at all times that there is no happiness in this world. Do not run behind the world. Attachment to our mother, father, daughter and son; attachment to food and taste - let us eat this, eat that and drink this - attraction towards the things that we see, hear, smell and touch, if we have these attachments, then detachment is not complete. That means your faith is also incomplete.

You have to evaluate your faith in this way, and when you see mistakes being made, rectify them.


An English translation of an excerpt from a speech originally given in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj 


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