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Philosophy of Divine Love (New Edition)
A miraculous explanation of the divine science
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Most people who have listened to my discourses have requested that if they were available in printed form, people at large would be immensely benefited. I followed their request and wrote whatever came into my mind, supplementing my views with credible and authoritative evidences culled from the Vedas, Shastras, Puranas and various other scriptures, including the words of wisdom of the Saints ...

Every living being wants to be happy and is seeking happiness in every moment. But what is everlasting happiness and how can it be attained? Without the right answers, the happiness we experience in the world will never last. 

Prema Rasa Siddhanta - Philosophy of Divine Love brilliantly reconciles the teachings of Hinduism and India’s great Saints to give the only genuine answer. Though the knowledge contained in scriptures like the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads is limitless, in this concise book, Jagadguruttam Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj reveals the essence in the simplest possible way, and in the most compelling manner. Authenticated by numerous scriptural and scientific references, Kripalu Ji Maharaj takes readers from the theoretical aspects of spirituality to the practical aspects of devotion and meditation and its application in daily life.

Over fourteen chapters, Kripaluji discusses the pursuit of happiness, the nature of love, the soul and God’s grace. He reconciles materialism and spirituality, details the paths of karm and gyan, describes the potential of bhakti yoga and reveals that God-realisation only happens through the grace of a genuine Saint, and then describes how to identify such a Saint.   

The Ultimate Goal of all Living Beings: realising the importance of this human body, we must acquire knowledge of God so that we can attain our goal of supreme happiness (divine bliss). READ MORE

The Nature of God: what is God and how can we know Him? Why is it said that He is beyond our understanding?

The Grace of God: though God is beyond our material mind, intellect, and senses, yet many Saints have realised Him. How? READ MORE 

Surrender: without God’s grace no one can know God. What is surrender? What must we do to receive it? READ MORE

The Soul, Material World and Detachment: our misunderstanding of these three prevent our mind from surrendering to God. Once we realise that we are a divine entity, and that material pleasures can never satisfy us, then we can redirect our attachment from the world to God. READ MORE

The Saint: after detaching the mind from the world and before surrendering it to God, there is need of a divine entity, without whom one cannot attain God. That entity is called a God-realised Saint. How can we recognise a genuine Saint and those masquerading as one? READ MORE

Paths to Attain God: the scriptures state that there are only three paths to attain God - karmajnana and bhakti. But why only three? READ MORE

Karma: the performance of duties as prescribed in the Vedas according to one’s caste and stage in life is called karma. What are its four intricacies, its consequences and who is eligible to follow it? READ MORE

Jnana and Jnanayoga: what are the characteristics of the path of knowledge, who is eligible to follow it, and can it take us to our supreme goal? READ MORE  

Jnana and Bhakti: an in-depth discussion of the apparent philosophical differences between the paths of jnana and the bhakti and the differences between the bliss of the Impersonal God and the bliss of divine love. 

Impersonal, Personal God and the Secret of Descension: the reason for God possessing two forms – Personal and Impersonal – is discussed followed by the secret behind His descension in this world. READ MORE

Bhaktiyoga: the unanimous verdict of all the scriptures is that bhakti, devotion, is the ultimate attainment. One must practice devotion to attain God’s grace; then he will attain His most intimate power, divine love. READ MORE

Karmayoga – the Practical Sadhana: hands to work and mind to God. How should we practically follow this discipline of karmayoga while living in the world? READ MORE

Kusanga: we must know how to avoid the impediments that negate our spiritual progress. What are they and what must we do? READ MORE

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Prema Rasa Siddhanta as it is known by name is truly the embodiment of the philosophy of divine love. It is an incredible book. Although its main topic is the divine love of Krishna, it also deals with the philosophies of karma, jnana and jnanayoga. Thus, it has become a practical guide for the followers of all the paths. The scriptural references given in this book reveal the absoluteness of the divine wisdom of the writer, and that makes it much more authentic and admirable. 

Swami Shivanand, Rishikesh


I have studied Prema Rasa Siddhanta and I find that this is the most comprehensive and authentic book that reveals the true theory of all the Vedantas and also the Bhagavatam which pours the nectar of divine love. I am very much impressed with the divine wisdom of Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, who has revealed all the devotional aspects in a precise manner. It's my opinion that this amazingly incredible book should be popularised far and wide so that people of the entire world can be benefited. 

Dr Bhagawan Das, Banaras


Prema Rasa Siddhanta is a paramount work of Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. It reveals the philosophies of the Vedas and Darshan Shastras and shows the path of God-realisation. Paramahansa Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj has done a great favour to the spiritual aspirants of the world by writing this book, which shows his incredible graciousness.

Shri Vasudevacharya, Ayodhya


Prema Rasa Siddhanta of Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj is a book of unparalleled divine wisdom that reveals all the divine aspects of Supreme God, especially the divine love aspects of Radha Krishna. I was thrilled to read this book. It will help all the Krishna devotees to understand the devotional secrets and to proceed on their path to God-realisation. 

Shri Dhananjayadas, Vrindavan