Prema Rasa Siddhanta, 14

Kusang is of many kinds. The first is reading of non-spiritual subjects that are adverse to spiritual growth, the second is listening to talks about such subjects, the third is seeing things that distract one from the spiritual path, the fourth is thinking about them and so on. Amongst all these, the worst is thinking. All the others, that is, reading, seeing, hearing and so on, eventually come to the stage of thinking, which accordingly changes the mentality of a person and overpowers his intellect. The disastrous result is that the mind becomes totally inclined towards those adverse subjects. The Gita reveals this truth very clearly, particularly in this verse,

dhyayato vishayan punsah . . . (Gita 2.62)

Whenever we constantly think about any object, we become attached to it. However, it must be noted that this thinking process comes later. Kusanga begins with seeing, reading and hearing about subjects that are adverse to spirituality. So, if you save yourself from the first cause, then freedom from bad association can be achieved very easily.

If fire is not given fuel, how will it grow? If water, in the form of saintly association, is poured on the internal fire of bad association, then this fire will gradually be extinguished. Normally, we are aware of all the dangers of bad association, yet we pretend to be strong enough to combat them . . .


An extract from:

Prema Rasa Siddhanta – Philosophy of Divine Love (New Edition)

Chapter Fourteen – Kusanga, p. 421-2

Originally written in Hindi by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


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