Prayerful Conversations, 8

dou dou chita chora govinda radhe

mora chitta le le chahe dhanyavada na de

O Radhe Govinda! Both of You have stolen each other's mind and heart. So now You can take my mind and heart in their place. You do not need to thank me for it either if You choose.

le le mera saba kachhu govinda radhe

de de apana saba kachhu ya dila de

O Radhe Govinda! Take away everything of mine and give me everything of Yours, or have one of Your Saints give it to me.

mera saba kachhu le le govinda radhe

tu apana saba kachhu de ya na de

O Radhe Govinda! Take everything of mine whether or not You give me everything of Yours in return.


Original verses in Hindi by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

Radha Govind Geet, 563-5

English Translation