Practice to Remain Alert

Do you know why I came to Nepal? No one can say for certain if I will come here again in the future. You yourself may or may not be here. Anything can happen anywhere at any time. What will the condition in Nepal be in the future? There are so many things that happen in the world that a human being just cannot foresee.

Now this human body is desired even by the celestial gods, the same gods who we worship and offer our salutations to - Indra, Varun, Kuber, Agni and so on. They desire this body out of the 8.4 million different types of bodies that are available in the material world. This is because we - as humans - have the freedom to earn in this body and can attain divine bliss and God’s abode for eternity.

In addition, I have told you many, many times that there are no rules and regulations to attain God. All we need to do, all we have to do, is to accept Him as our own and that too, because our self-interest is to be attained from Him. No one in the world is ours besides God and our Guru. There is no time limit on this body; no guarantee that we will be here for a specific period of time, and neither can we take anyone with us to serve us. You will have to go alone! Close your eyes and think, “I will have to go alone; everything I have will be left behind.” Everybody else will also leave later according to his own destiny and actions. You will never see your father, your mother, your husband or wife or children ever again. They will all go to their respective destinations to reap the consequences of their respective actions. They will have to go either to the celestial abodes, hell or come back here on Earth. Therefore, we need to be alert at all times.

When you walk through the city you are alert all the time. You notice that a car is coming from the front, one from the back and a scooter from the side. If you are slightly careless you can get into a serious accident. But we are very careful when we go out. We go to the market for a period of an hour and come back home safely. We have done this thousands of times without meeting with an accident. Why was that? We were alert all the time. You think, “Oh there is a car coming from the back and there is very little space in front, so let me stand aside to the left.”

Thus, you were so concerned about your body that in spite of going out hundreds of times you never got into an accident. But you have no such concern about your soul.

To be continued . . . 

An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

26 April 2010

Sitapaila, NEPAL

© Radha Govind Samiti


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