O Kishori Ju! I Offer Roses at Your Lotus Feet


Today, on Rose Day, I sacrifice all roses at the lotus feet of my beloved, for Her beauty is incomparable. Her lotus feet are extremely soft and delicate that cannot be compared to any worldly object, as these objects themselves derive their qualities from Her.


किशोरी तोरे, चरनन की बलि जाऊँ।          

जिन युग-चरण अरुणिमा-उपमा, पचिहारी नहिं पाऊँ।          

जपा गुलाल प्रवाल आदि की, उपमा देत लजाऊँ।          

मृदुता में गुलाब नवनी की, समता लखि न सकाऊँ।          

जिन चरनन को चापत हरि नित, का महिमा मैं गाऊँ।          

यह 'कृपालु' की चाह रैन दिन, चरनन ध्यान लगाऊँ।          

 Prema Rasa Madira (10.11) 

O Kishorī Jī! I sacrifice everything on Your lotus feet. I have tried to find something to compare these tender, red feet to, but my efforts have been in vain. I feel ashamed to compare them with the redness of japā (a hibiscus flower), the softness of red gulāla powder, or the new, reddish, tender leaves of a mango tree. In softness the petals of a rose or butter just do not compare to the tenderness of Your feet. How can I begin to describe the glories of these feet which are so gently massaged by the Supreme Lord?

Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says, “I have just one desire to meditate day and night on Your lotus feet."


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