My Beloved Master

In Your Loving Remembrance
A tribute of love
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This heart-felt tribute of love to the embodiment of divine love and grace, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj comprises seventeen short poems that poured forth from a lovelorn heart following the tragic events of November 2013, when our dearest Shri Maharaj Ji decided it was time to return to his divine abode.

Written from the perspective of a devotee, by a devotee, these tender writings vividly reflect a heart languishing in the sweet fire of separation, shedding tears of yearning amidst humble prayers of gratitude and admiration. From the melancholy emerges hope and resolve, as the heart is comforted by the loving memories and words of Shri Maharaj Ji that live on and grow stronger.

This is writing that is sure to move the hardest of hearts:

. . . I know no other holy place but your lotus feet.
I know no other rites and rituals but just loving you.
I know no other God but you and only you.
Let me forever be absorbed in loving thoughts of YOU AND ONLY YOU!

My Beloved Master is a fitting tribute to a loss felt by millions that is completely beyond anyone’s summation in words.

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