Main Kaun? Mera Kaun? 2

There are numerous Vedic verses that repeatedly and openly declare that there is only one God. Those who are naive make all these distinctions. A Deity or temple is established on a particular mountain. Now people say, O that Goddess of that Mountain performs all kinds of miracles, whereas the one in the neighbouring temple is just ordinary. People rush to these places and even die in the attempt to get there. Previously, ten percent of the pilgrims going to Badrinarayana used to die on the way. One had to walk to get there and there was no road. When people died in the attempt to get there, their family members would be happy presuming that he had completed his journey. In other words, He has attained God's abode, Goloka. There are infinite extremely foolish people in our country. 

At the time of someone's death, a family member says, Feed him halva. This is even though the doctor has advised no sweets for him. They say, These are his final moments, and the dying man is asking for halva. Give it to him or else his life force will remain entangled with it and he will not die. So do you think feeding him halva will make him desireless and perfectly self-content?

When people go on a pilgrimage, the neighbour says, Take an extra dip from my side in the sacred river, as if by doing that he will also reach Vaikuntha . . .


An excerpt from the English translation of a discourse originally given in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

21 October 2009

Bhakti Dham, Mangarh 

Main Kaun? Mera Kaun?

The complete series in Hindi; the first 10 speeches translated into English


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