Lila Samvaran (E) - Hardbound

The Disappearance of Jagadguruttam
His final journey
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Pages: 192

Lila Samvaran - The Disappearance of Jagadguruttam is a humble attempt to give devotees and the general public a comprehensive account of the events from 2013. It was a year that started with Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj Ji hospitalised due to ill health, and concluded in tragedy, with his shock ascent to his divine abode, Golok on 11 November. The main focus of this elegant 192 page book is the period from 11 November, when Shri Maharaj Ji was noticed sitting in ecstasy outside his house in Bhakti Dham, right through to his divine ashes gracing the holy river Sarayu in Ayodhya, during the morning of 15 March 2014.

11 November is covered in minute detail giving readers insight into what Shri Maharaj Ji was doing that fateful morning, as recalled by the devotees with him, leading up to 11.44am. Then there is the total devastation of the morning of 15 November, the incredible scenes of devotees swarming to Bhakti Dham for his final darshan, and finally the horror of 18 November, when a huge crowd of mourners stood in their tens of thousands as Shri Maharaj Ji’s divine body was taken into the lap of Agnidev. The book then shifts to describe all the events held in his honour. The thirteen days of rituals in Bhakti Dham, the huge charitable events staged in Vrindavan and Barsana and detailed reports from all those pilgrimage sites that have now become even holier having received Shri Maharaj Ji’s divine all-conscious ashes. 

It’s a moving account, and one that will awaken the memories and emotions of every devotee for years to come, while profoundly affecting all those who are just now coming to know of the glory and greatness of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj.

The Disappearance of Jagadguruttam

This special souvenir describes the last journey of our Beloved Master, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. It is very, very difficult to pen this sorrowful event. The mind stops functioning and the pen falters again and again. Moreover, it is enigmatic. Every one of us experiences his divine presence everywhere, though physically he is not seen. No one is ready to accept the bitter truth that he has left. He is still taking care of us in the same way, as our spiritual guide, our protector, our loving guardian and as a proficient helmsman, to sail us across the ocean of mundane existence.

He has concluded his visible pastimes in Bhakti Dham, but in his divine abode, these loving pastimes continue eternally...

His disappearance torments the heart. It leaves all his dear ones just to lament, but everyone has faith – ek dina tu degi darshan, hai bharosa radhe – that one day he will definitely reappear in some form to console us. This hope is now the only support to survive.

All devotees together pray in full submission unto his lotus feet,

Let us experience Your divine presence in the spiritual treasure revealed by you - through your discourses, in your sankirtans and in your literary works. Let us be fully devoted in your service, adhering to your every instruction.