Kripalu Bhakti Dhara, 13a

kali kali jani karu govinda radhe

jane kaal kali ane hi na de

We have a habit of postponing actions for our spiritual progress, yet we will immediately perform wrong actions. We are doing the reverse of what we should be doing.

In the Mahabharata there is a story that once a poor Brahmin went to King Yudhishthir to ask for charity. He said, “I have to get my daughter married. Please give me ten pieces of gold.” Yudhisthir said, “I am very busy today. Come tomorrow.” Bheemsen was standing nearby and he didn’t take this well. He thought, “Why did Yudhishthir tell him to come tomorrow? He could have told me to give him the gold.” Bheemsen decided to play a joke on Yudhishthir. He called the prime minister and said, “Today, an extremely joyful event has occurred that we must celebrate.” The prime minister wondered what that joyful event could be, but he didn’t have the courage to question Bheemsen. He had it announced in the city that everyone should celebrate joyously, so the city was decorated and everyone was singing and dancing in celebration. 

Yudhisthir observed this and he said, “What’s happening? It’s not Ram Navami or Janmashtami. Why is the whole city celebrating?” He called his prime minister and asked him, “What is happening?” The prime minster answered, “My lord, your brother ordered it.” Yudhishthir said, “Call Bheem!” Bheemsen came and Yudhishthir asked him, “What’s happening? What is everyone celebrating today?” Bheemsen said, “Brother, today we received the greatest news.” “Well, what is it?” “You have defeated death!” Yudhisthir said, “I defeated death? Are you in your right mind? What are you talking about?”

Bheemsen said, “What did you tell that Brahmin today? You said, ‘Come tomorrow’.” Yudhisthir said, “So?” Bheemsen continued, “Why did you say that? What if you don’t remain in this world until tomorrow? Then what? Your word would be proven false. You could have told me to do it.” Yudhisthir said, “Oh, I made a mistake! Call the Brahmin.” When the Brahmin came Yudhishthir asked him for forgiveness and gave him the gold.

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An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

16 April 2010

Sitapaila, Nepal

© Radha Govinda Samiti


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