Just Practice and See For Yourself, 3

The point I was making is that you should speak the bare minimum and in your spare time chant Radha’s name. Just accept these two things that I am saying implicitly and practice it for ten, twenty days; a month. You will benefit tremendously from this. You will avoid so much unnecessary conflict. Just try it and see for yourself. I am not asking you to do something complicated like decipher the meaning of some Vedic verses. Just practice this and see the benefit for yourself. Just take a vow, “Today, I will not argue with my husband, with my son or my father. If he does get angry I will remain quiet.” It is true he will have his say and scold you a couple of times, but then he will fall silent. But if you respond in kind, “Oh you said that, so I will say this,” then everything is just going to escalate. This is exactly what happens.

Should I tell you what you say; what your response is? “If I do not respond my husband will just completely dominate me.” “My wife will just torment me if I do not respond to her abuse.” This is your idea, that the person will accept defeat by your response. The fact is that no one accepts defeat.

Thus, just practice what I am saying and see for yourself. You will benefit from it personally. This is not being said for someone else’s benefit. You will save time. You will remain peaceful within and be saved from the weakness of anger. You will be saved from a host of problems that arise out of unnecessary speech. You will get great benefit. But you will have to make an effort in the beginning and then it will happen by itself.

You are familiar with the word habit. I am not speaking on nature, but habit. When you repeatedly do something it starts happening automatically later. This is habit and it comes with practice.

If you just pay attention to these two instructions of mine you will be bestowing your grace on me, and of course, you personally will benefit greatly too.


An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

13 August 2010

Golok Dham, New Delhi

© Radha Govind Samiti


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