Just Practice and See For Yourself, 2

When people speak they tend to exaggerate matters; this is a habit with everybody. In all these years I have not met one man in the whole of India who can relate an event truthfully and accurately. If you have to praise someone you say, “Oh, everyone was full of praise for him!” when the truth is that two or three people had something nice to say about him. You exaggerate. And if you have to say something negative about a person, you say, “Oh this person said this about what you said. Another person criticised his clothes; everybody was criticising him.” This is the kind of habit we have when we speak.

This is all lies and it causes great harm. Terrible incidents have occurred over mere words. We just cannot stick to speaking the truth. People do not even speak the truth to me; a person who they consider their Guru. Everyone lies in order to prove that they are right. They think, “I will prove to you that what my Guru said about me is false.” We would lie even if we met Radha and Krishna personally! It is a habit with us. What can we do, we are helpless.

Thus, speaking can prove to be very dangerous. Ninety-nine percent of the fights that take place in the world are caused by mere words. Fights with one’s father, one’s mother, one’s brother, one’s spouse, one’s child or a neighbour. The more one speaks, the more tension, misery and conflict will arise. You will end up making enemies. Hence, unnecessary talking needs to be controlled. Speak the bare minimum, enough to get your work done.

When you speak or listen to someone on the phone, you just keep on talking unnecessarily. What are you doing? What’s happening there? Why did you have to do that? I knew that so-and-so was such a great fool all along. All this unnecessary talk! The biggest complaint that people make against me is that I just say “Radhe Radhe”on the phone and then hang up! If you ask people why they are phoning me, they say, “To hear your voice.” Imagine! I am just supposed to keep talking because they want to hear my voice! This is madness. Neither you nor I have any need to speak unnecessarily. A person needs to hear my voice and he complains, “He just put down the phone!” So I have to lie many times, “Oh the line just got cut.” New people get upset easily. But what can they say if the line gets cut? The phone does get cut sometimes.

To be continued . . .


An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

13 August 2010

Golok Dham, New Delhi

© Radha Govind Samiti


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