Importance of the Mind, 6

If the local government said, “For the next twenty-four hours you won’t get punished for any crime you commit,” then after this twenty-four hour period what would remain? It would be total chaos. This means that everyone has the tendency for wrongdoing, but our fear of being punished saves us. So a very great spiritual government resides within each of us. God dwells in everyone’s heart. We have heard this, read this and ninety percent of people repeat this, “God resides within. He is observing everything. He knows all our thoughts.” But they don’t believe it. If we truly believed this, we would be incapable of even thinking about wrongdoing, let alone actually doing it. We would think, “Oh, God will note this! All-powerful, all-knowing God is seated in my heart! After I die, I’ll be punished for this!” No one can escape this, no matter who they are. After death, you must undergo the consequences of your actions.

Wrongdoing keeps on happening in the world. The cheating and deception that happens here, you will not get away with in God’s area. When a rich person persecutes a poor person, the poor person thinks, “I’m helpless. I have to tolerate this. But after death, God will give you the final accounting for your actions.” But why don’t we realise all the time that God is seated in our hearts? When a person has a billion dollars he is puffed up with pride. But this is a small thing. If you truly realised that the Supreme Lord of the entire universe is seated in your heart, you would naturally be entitled to feel, “Who is equal to me?” Plus, you would remain ever blissful. If someone were to insult you, it would have no effect. You would feel, “How can you insult the soul? Insults only relate to the body. Go ahead!” Why do we feel bad when someone does this, especially when it's true? If you meet an ordinary policeman and ask him if he is a sergeant, and he says, “Yes, I am a sergeant.” He doesn’t demand that you refer to him with a loftier title such as detective or captain. He is happy being called sergeant. We have every fault because we are governed by maya. Therefore, if someone calls us any kind of name, it is true.

If someone said, “I only thought of doing something bad; I didn’t actually do it.” Yes, but you thought it, or you do it secretly thinking no one will see. Just see how many people in India hide their total income from the tax board. Accountants tell their clients to do this. They earn $10,000 and only declare $1,000. “Write your accounts like this. No one will catch you.” Is this wrong or not? So we keep on committing sin secretly. If we were to truly feel that God resides in our hearts, then every kind of wrongdoing would end in the world. All the courts would close and all the police would be out of a job.

So we need to practice this awareness that God is seated in our hearts. We will be benefitted only from this, not from the world. We are all selfish. We do what benefits us. If everyone did what would truly benefit them, then in turn the world would be benefitted. What do we do day and night? We want others to say we are good, but we don’t try to become good. To make others think of us as good, we calculate what to do, what to say, where to go or who to meet. We think of different methods to accomplish this. But everyone is being deceived. Even your own parents, spouse and children are thinking badly about you. Their favourable external actions are just an act. Even you lovingly say, “Come, son!” And inside you think, “How did I get such a useless child?”

So the main and most important point is your mind must practice devotion to God.


An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

14 August 2010

Bhakti Dham, Mangarh

© Radha Govind Samiti


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