Ebooks are available for purchase internationally, but books and magazines can only be purchased from within India.


Seven Simple Steps to Place an Order

  1. Choose an item
  2. Click ADD TO CART
  3. Proceed to CHECKOUT
  4. Log in or Create an Account
  5. Enter Addresses
  6. Payment Methods
  7. Confirm Order and access Payment Gateway
  8. View Order Confirmation Email and Check  Order Status


1. Choose an item

JKP Literature Search Functionality


There are a number of ways you can find the item you wish to purchase (home page links, keyword search box located at the top of every page, menu headings, etc.). Click on the image or link of the item to open the details page that contains the description, price, stock status, etc. of the item.

 2. Click ADD TO CART

While on the details page, if you wish to purchase it click on ADD TO CART. The message, the product has been added to your shopping cart will appear across the top of your screen. You can continue shopping until all the items you want are in your shopping cart. You can access the contents of your shopping cart anytime by clicking on CART located at the top right-hand corner of every page. You can also select items to buy later by clicking on ADD TO WISHLIST. You can share item details with friends and family through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

3. Proceed to Checkout

Take a moment to review what you have placed in your cart.

You can increase or decrease the quantity of any item (except ebooks) by changing the number in the quantity box by clicking on the plus or minus symbol and then clicking Update shopping cart. You can remove an item by clicking in the box under Remove and clicking Update shopping cart. If you have a Discount Coupon or a Gift Card you can enter your coupon in APPLY COUPON and your gift card code in ADD GIFT CARD. Before clicking CHECKOUT at the bottom right-hand corner of the page, you must click in the box that confirms I have read the Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them. RGPS advises all customers to read the Terms and Conditions very carefully. Once read, click in the box and click CHECKOUT.

4. Login or Create an Account

The login page only comes up if you haven’t yet logged in. You will have the option of doing one of the following:

Returning Customer

If you are already a registered user then please login with your email address and password, the one you provided on your Registration Form at the time of registration. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password? and follow the prompts. We will retrieve the password and send it to your email address you registered with us.

New Customer

If you have not completed the Registration Form then you will need to click Register and fill in the form as shown. For more information click How to Register and Login. This is where you create your password. Passwords should include letters of the alphabet (upper and lowercase) and numbers (eg. aAbC123!) and be at least six characters long. Remember, passwords are case sensitive.

5. Enter Addresses

Step 1: Select Your Billing Address

If you have used your billing address previously it can be selected from the drop down menu, or a new address can be entered as shown below. After selecting the address, click CONTINUE. If you leave the tick in the box alongside Ship to the same address it means you have selected it and no new separate shipping address is required.

Step 2: Enter Shipping Address (not required for ebooks)

If your order is for ebooks alone then no shipping address is required. Any other item, book or magazine, requires you to nominate the shipping address. The onus is on the customer to enter the shipping address correctly. RGS will not be held responsible for the loss of any order due to the shipping address being incorrect.  

Step 3: Select Shipping Method

No shipping method is nominated in the case of an order containing only ebooks. Orders of books or magazines will be shipped through Speed Post by the Indian Postal Service as shown.

 6. Payment Methods

Know the payment methods available for you based on your location. If you reside within India you can avail Net banking facilities or use  VISA, MASTERCARD or MAESTRO credit/debit cards of any bank. For outside India you must use your PayPal account to make purchases. PayPal supports all major credit or debit cards prevalent in your country. Kindly visit the PayPal website for more details and to create an account, if you don't have one.

7. Confirm Order and Access Payment Gateway

Everything is displayed for you to see again as shown below - the content of your order, your shipping address, the total cost (including shipping charges if applicable and GST). Shipping charges are set by the courier and are displayed on the billing information page prior to submitting your order. Take care to ensure all details are entered correctly. Shipping is currently limited to within India only. Click on CONFIRM. Once you have confirmed your order, an Order Initiated email is sent to you. Please note that this does not mean your payment has been accepted by your bank. You are now redirected to a secure online payment gateway powered by Axis Bank or PayPal where you enter your payment details. Take a moment now to read the Shipping Policy. Should there be some unexpected delay that comes to our attention, we will inform you. Orders are subject to availability.


 8. View Order Confirmation Email and Check Order Status

If your bank authorises your payment, your order will be complete and the order detail page is displayed. You can view the details of the order and see your order number for future reference. A second email and SMS entitled Order Confirmation is sent to you. In the case of electronic products like ebooks, the ebook automatically appears in your device and simultaneously you will receive an Order Completion email containing your invoice. For books and magazines, once the courier collects your order from RGPS for shipment, an email and SMS will be sent containing your invoice and your order Tracking ID that you can enter on the couriers website to see the status of your shipment. Customers are advised to contact the courier directly if the time taken exceeds their expectation.  

Take a moment now to read Frequently Asked Questions for more helpful information about using this website.