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The Initiation
Initiation and sectarianism in spirituality
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With the mushrooming growth of so-called spiritual leaders today it has become critical that we understand who can be accepted as a Guru, and what guru mantra or guru diksha actually means. Comprising extracts from three discourses delivered by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, this little book presents the universal guidelines regarding this for all spiritual aspirants on any spiritual path. In addition, there is a chapter that discusses the origins of the Jagadguru tradition.

Myth, Magic or Mercy?

Throughout his life, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj dispelled the spiritual confusion of millions of people. Delivering innumerable discourses, Shri Maharaj Ji never deviated from his core teachings, being the very embodiment of the titles he graciously accepted from India's largest assembly of Vedic scholars in 1957.

Some people may find it astonishing that throughout the fifty-six years that followed, as India's pre-eminent Vedic scholar and spiritual master, Shri Maharaj Ji never made a single disciple, never initiated anyone nor did he establish any disciplic lineage. In fact, upon receiving those titles from Kashi Vidvat Parishat he stated that he only accepted two lineages – Shri Krishna and maya – and that there can be no third, nor could any third one ever be established.  

Guru Mantra – The Initiation is a testament to Shri Maharaj Ji's radical assertions over half a century ago, bucking age-old traditions in order to teach true spirituality. This little book sets the record straight about initiation. By exposing the guru-disciple misnomer, Shri Maharaj Ji clarifies what one should expect from a genuine Guru and what one must do as a disciple. He then discusses the tomfoolery prevalent in the modern world regarding sectarianism, to reveal the true path to God-realisation.

In a class of his own, Shri Maharaj Ji simply explains all this taking the aid of common worldly examples, leaving no room for any doubt. It is compelling reading at its very best. In Shri Maharaj Ji's own inimitable words,

Initiation or diksha means to grace the disciple with divine love . . . the attainment of God, end of all suffering, the attainment of supreme bliss and freedom from maya should all happen simultaneously. If not, the Guru has deceived you.


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