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The Grace of the Guru
The nature of Guru's grace
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The one who is able to meet a genuine Guru is truly blessed with the grace of God. You can benefit from God’s grace by reflecting on it constantly; no amount of devotional practice can bring you before a true Saint. To have the close company of a Saint is only possible for a fortunate few and is extremely rare. To obtain such a priceless treasure and still not feel elated is indeed a great misfortune, because there is nothing else left to be achieved in this world.

The grace of a Guru is something that no words can express and is beyond the comprehension of the material mind. Guru is always gracious and kind, for he can do nothing else other than grace the soul. The day a soul truly realises and accepts this fact, it will become God-realised. This booklet has been compiled from various discourses delivered by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. By reading and contemplating on its contents, an aspirant can gain immense spiritual benefit beyond description.

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