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Gopi Prem Divas Special Package

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A handpicked collection of four Hindi books that would help a seeker decipher the best process to reach God through selfless devotion.
Pages: 312

A collection of four Hindi books - Prem Marg, Hum Do Hamare Do, Nishkam Prem and Prem Bhiksham Dehi

PREM MARG - In our scriptures different paths are mentioned for the attainment of God. It is very difficult for any person to decipher what is the best process to reach God and attain divine bliss. Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj highlights the scriptural principle that although there are different paths to realise God, all paths ultimately culminate in the path of love. There was, there is and there only ever will be one path,  the path of  bhakti or LOVE.

HUM DO HAMARE DO -  Shri Maharaj Ji took this commonly known slogan, hum do hamare do, and used it as the basis for a very original and skilful elucidation of God and our relationship with Him. In the world this slogan means us two and our two, but Shri Maharaj Ji described its meaning as the two me's and the two mines. Read the book to decipher the harmonious relationship between body and soul.

NISHKAM PREM - In this book, Shri Maharaj Ji reveals the intricacies of selfless love through an in-depth discussion of this topmost expression that a devotee can harbour for the Supreme Lord. He guides us through the milestones of devotion, elaborating on the qualities and important features, before and after arriving at the final destination of bhava bhakti

PREM BHIKSHAM DEHI - Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj meticulously extracted the essence of the world’s great spiritual teachings and presented them within this seemingly simple prayer. However, this is no ordinary prayer to be mindlessly recited with the tongue. This is in fact the quintessence of Shri Maharaj Ji’s entire philosophy. This publication elaborates on the meaning of the daily prayer.