Globe Talk, 3a

His One Finger Could Move the World!

Here was a spiritual leader who changed the lives of thousands of people through his love and care. He was all-gracious; he was so merciful. He gathered everyone into his loving embrace.

I went to Canada from India in 1970, living there for forty-two years. I had been searching for a spiritual master all my life. When I left India my search for the highest intensified. Whosoever came to Canada from India with a spiritual inclination, I always met to see if I could discover the true aim and purpose of this life. I associated with a number of religious organisations throughout my life. Spiritual philosophy has always interested me, but something inside always told me that what I had found was not it.   

It was the arrival of a senior pracharak of Shri Maharaj Ji’s to the USA and then their subsequent visit to Canada that changed everything. As was customary for me, I went along to listen to the discourse. What I heard that day so impressed and thrilled me that it marked the end of my search. When a disciple of a spiritual master is so knowledgeable, what must their spiritual master be! I firmly resolved there and then to accept Shri Maharaj Ji as my spiritual guide. I enquired how I could meet him in person and discovered that as he did not travel abroad, I would have to go to India. 

As the director of a large international organisation, I was always travelling. As luck would have it, I had to go to Pakistan on business and so while I was there, I wanted to see if could get to India. It was 1983 and relations between Pakistan and India were strained. To get news of Shri Maharaj Ji, I had to phone our London office and they phoned Bombay and called me back. Eventually I came to know that Shri Maharaj Ji would be flying from Bombay into Delhi. That was it. I decided to go to Delhi and meet him in the airport, and then we could arrange how and when I could have the opportunity of being with him. 

I thought that being such a great Jagadguru huge crowds would welcome him, and so I wouldn’t have any difficulty identifying him. But when I reached Delhi airport, to my great surprise there were no crowds at all! In my mind, I thought that maybe I got the time or flight number wrong. But I did not give up hope. I noticed a group of five or six people talking excitedly and watching the arrivals gate very closely. So, I burst in and asked them, “I have been looking for Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj.” They were shocked looking at me as if to say, “Who are you?” “What’s your name?” “Where are you from?” As it turned out they were waiting for Shri Maharaj Ji and he was due to come out in about ten minutes! As time drew closer, more people started arriving and a group assembled together. The atmosphere was filled with so much joy and excitement, love and anticipation. Everyone eagerly waited for the first glimpse of Shri Maharaj Ji.    

When I saw him coming, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here was such a great person and he was so simple. There was no fanfare and no special escorts. He walked briskly towards us in his beautiful saffron robes. Two or three people were on his right side, and two or three people were on his left side. Seeing this sight, tears started rolling down my face. The moment I had been waiting for all my life was coming towards me. What magnetic presence he had. All eyes seemed to be inexplicably drawn to him. Love and warmth flowed unabated from his being. His beautiful eyes glistened as they looked so lovingly in my direction, and a sweet smile danced mischievously on his beautiful face. Oh! What a moment! I was overjoyed. And then to my utter surprise, he recognised me! I bowed my head before him; I offered my humblest pranam. Gazing up at him, I didn’t have to say, “My name is . . ,” he already knew.

To be concluded soon . . .


The author first came to Shri Maharaj Ji from Canada in 1983 and has lived in Bhakti Dham, Mangarh for the past eight years.