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Sachha Sathi - Hindi Ebook

Your Eternal Companion
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Pages: 11

When we call someone yaar, what does it mean? Know who your true companion is. And not for a year or two or even for this lifetime, but for eternity. In this explanation of man tero sancho yaar brajrajakumar, the title line of a bhajan he wrote in Braja Rasa Madhuri, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj asks whether we have established our relationship with God? After all, what else is the intent of devotion? To have a relationship with God is the meaning of spirituality.

To always be happy we must know the difference between worldly relations and spiritual relations. Sachha Sathi Hindi Ebook acquaints us with the options available to forge a relationship with God and to love Him. In the world, we cannot regard our loved one as our sibling, friend, child, or beloved. But in the spiritual realm, Kripalu Ji Maharaj says these relationships not only exist but are the means to engage our mind in meditation and develop the practice of roopdhyan.  

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