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His teachings of divine love and selfless service form a very strong basis for solving all the ills that plague our society today ... the scriptural omniscience of Maharaj Ji and his liberal interpretation of the philosophies of other Jagadgurus and the Darshan Shastras have immensely enriched the rich treasures of this country ...

Bhagavat-tattva celebrates the Golden Jubilee of Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj recieving his titles, including Jagadguruttam - Supreme Among All Jagadgurus. The meaning of each title bestowed by Kashi Vidvat Parishat on 14 January 1957 is explained in detail. These titles represent the humble attempt of 500 of India's topmost scholars to describe Kripaluji's true personality, and his greatness as a Rasik saint of the highest order.

The essence of Kripalu Ji Maharaj's unique philosophy of divine love is described, summaries of his literary and charitable works are given, along with some notable tributes received prior to the occasion. By reconciling the teachings of all spiritual teachers, Kripaluji motivates people to imbibe the practice and principles of bhakti yoga in their daily life, that is, the exclusive and selfless devotion of Shri Radha Krishna, while simultaneously promoting the brotherhood of humankind. 


Bhagavat-tattva - Hindi
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Bhagavat-tattva - Hindi

Sanskrit titles of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu and his core teachings
Language - Hindi

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