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Guru Mantra - English Ebook

The Initiation
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Pages: 80

The mushrooming growth of self-proclaimed spiritual teachers and the commercialism of spirituality has resulted in an endless number of spiritual paths and spiritual disciplines. Confusion over the intention of spiritual principles and spiritual practices continues to rise. A glaring example is a practice called diksha, initiation. This ancient tradition is a subject of debate and scepticism, and sadly, malpractice. What is diksha? Is it still practiced today? Should a spiritual aspirant expect to be initiated?  

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj sets the record straight in Guru Mantra English Ebook, a concise publication comprising extracts from three of his discourses. Anyone embarking on the path of bhakti, or any spiritual path, should have a basic understanding of the intended meaning of spirituality. Who can be accepted as a spiritual leader and what does the word 'initiation' actually imply? The book concludes with a chapter on Kripalu Ji Maharaj, discussing his unique place in India’s ancient Jagadguru tradition and how he came to be bestowed with the prestigious title of Jagadguruttam 

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