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Guru Kripa - English Ebook

The Grace of the Guru
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Pages: 96

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj discusses the nature and purpose of a Guru’s grace in Guru Kripa English Ebook. The graciousness of God is universally accepted by all the great religions of the world. But the grace of His representative, the Saint or Guru, and how it manifests in the life of a spiritual aspirant remains a mystery to most. Kripalu Ji Maharaj brings tremendous clarity to the concept of a Guru’s grace, and how it reveals itself in our spiritual life.

One who meets a genuine Guru is indeed blessed with the grace of God. There is no number of spiritual thoughts that would culminate in the association of a Saint. To have such good fortune is only possible for a few and extremely rare. However, it can turn into the greatest misfortune if the aspirant does not feel elated, for nothing else remains to be achieved in this world to attain our goal. The Guru is always gracious and kind, for he, like God, can do nothing but grace the soul. The day we realise and accept this fact, is the day we will attain God-realisation.

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Also available as a printed book.