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Sadhana - Hindi Ebook

The Nature and Purpose of Spiritual Practice
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Pages: 37

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj describes all the necessary steps to be followed to practice bhakti yoga; failure to do so will render any efforts made ineffective. Nowadays, people think that they already are practicing devotion. I offer flowers at God’s lotus feet. I go on pilgrimages. I have visited the four sacred dhams and seen the main temples and shrines in India. I attend satsangs regularly, listen to the kathas and sing bhakti songs and bhajans too. All this is well and good, but Kripaluji warns that it is not true spirituality. Sadhana Hindi Ebook describes the nature and purpose of true devotion.  

Sing the holy name of Radhe or silently recite it on your breath while doing rupadhyana. Do not forget to engage your mind; saying the word without the corresponding feelings of love and humility is useless. Understand the science of spirituality - why is the human body so important, and what is the spiritual law applicable to all living beings? A genuine aspirant must be exclusively devoted to the teachings of his Guru, his chosen path, and chosen form of God. Several important considerations are also discussed, including to never criticise another. To avert any downfall, aspirants must imbibe the statement of the Vedas that God resides within the heart of all living beings. In this way, Sadhana Hindi Ebook is the ultimate guide to spiritual practice.

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