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Sadhak Savadhani - English Ebook

Words of Caution
$ 3.00
Pages: 56

The importance of retaining what we earn from our devotion and meditation throughout our spiritual journey is discussed by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. He outlines the precautions a spiritual aspirant must observe, irrespective of his chosen spiritual path, especially when the aspirant is not in the physical company of his Guru. The fine balance required by the householder who is also a spiritual aspirant is discussed, with many practical suggestions given to help those having to juggle their spiritual life with their duties in the world.

Kripaluji explains that just as a cyclist observes great caution traversing a busy road, a spiritual aspirant must remain alert to the dangers that can rob him of the benefit of meditation, decelerate his spiritual growth and even distract him from spirituality altogether. Sadhak Savadhani English Ebook is a must-read for all aspirants of God's love.

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Also available as a printed book.