Divine Quest, 6

You always emphasise that we should engage in loving meditation, but this is not possible without your grace. We try hard but fail. Why don't you grace us so that all our problems will be solved?

If God and the Saints could simply resolve that all humans constantly meditate on God, then there would have been no need to create this world. Neither would there have been a need to reveal the Vedas and Shastras that provide spiritual guidelines for us to follow - explaining the dos and dont's and the various paths to God-realisation. There have been many Saints like Tulsi, Soora, Meera, Kabir, Nanak and Tukaram - they all could have just graced everyone and taken them to God's abode.

The grace of a Saint is that he guides the individual soul onto the right path. Having done so, it is now the responsibility of the individual soul to practice devotion and progress on the spiritual path. God and the Saints, by their very nature, can only grace and bless souls. In fact, they are incapable of doing anything else. It is left to us to realise their causeless mercy and grace upon us.

Why does the Guru shower his causeless mery and grace upon souls?

Quite simply, to enable them to reach God's abode and relish unlimited divine bliss for all eternity. After all, this is the very thing that every soul is aspiring for isn't it. Unfortunately, the individual soul is preoccupied with searching for this happiness in the world due to ignorance. Therefore, the Guru not only enlightens the path for the individual soul but takes him to his supreme goal.

Who should we meditate on, Guru or God?

It is exactly the same whether you meditate on Guru or God as far as its result is concerned. It is not that the Guru will confer more power upon you if you meditate on him, or that God will bestow less if you meditate on Him. However, meditating on Guru is more convenient, in the sense that everything related to him is directly perceptible, whereas we have to make use of our imagination to meditate on the Lord's divine pastimes and actions.

For example, if the Guru has said to you, "You are mine," or if he has given some prasad from his hand, you will certainly derive great benefit whether you accept it with full faith or not. Having it will help you no end in your devotional practice. Moreover, the variety of actions or lilas that the Guru performs are done right before your eyes, and so you can easily recall them for meditative purposes and derive great happiness from doing so. Since God is not yet perceptible to you, you have to imagine His lilas in order to meditate upon Him. In truth, it is much easier to meditate on what we can directly perceive with our own eyes. Nevertheless, a sadhaka is free to meditate on either, depending on his or her personal preference. What is proper and the best option is that you should meditate on both Guru and God, since by doing so you will not foster any conflict in your mind while you are practicing sadhana.


Original answers given in Hindi by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj 

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