Divine Quest, 4

What is the duty of the individual soul?

All souls have to firmly resolve and set their aim on serving their master, Shri Krishna. This service should only be in accordance with the desire of Shri Krishna. To serve the master according to your own wishes is not service, in fact it amounts to merely serving your own selfish desires. On the other hand, the desire to serve Shri Krishna is our natural right.

In other words, all individual souls are the natural servants of their Supreme Master, Shri Krishna. This right to serve Him is our basic essential nature, just as leaves, branches and roots, etc. of a tree constantly serve the tree. For example, the leaves absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide to serve the tree. In the same way, the individual soul has to serve its master, Shri Krishna. This is the aim as well as the duty of all souls.

You say that after death one may have to take birth in a lower form of life. Is there any situation where it can be said that one will definitely obtain a human birth in the next life?

The individual soul who performs devotional practice for more than half their lifetime can be sure of getting a human birth in the next life.

Are your satsangis guaranteed a human birth in their next life?

In the entire country, it is only our satsangis who make any sincere effort to practice rupadhyana. Once in a while, they shed tears for God and make the effort to genuinely surrender to God and Guru. Due to this, some people assume that our satsangis will surely obtain a human form in the next life. However, the fact is that if someone is able to surrender completely, he will definitely go to Goloka, God's abode.


Original answers given in Hindi by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj 

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