Divine Quest, 3

If we completely cease all worldly duties, how will we survive in this world?

All those who follow their scriptural duties do so after offering them first to God. At the same time, they also perform bhakti or practise devotion to God. In raganuga bhakti, you have to discard all duties prescribed in the scriptures as well as your worldly duties, except the very essential ones relating to the maintenance of your physical body. God Himself has declared in the Gita, 9.22, "I shall provide you with all that you do not possess and shall protect all that you already have." Therefore, a devotee need not worry at all about performing karma or dharma, i.e. worldly or scriptural duties. 

Thus, do not feel tense or disturbed if you lose your material possessions. Sometimes God deliberately brings material loses upon His devotees, if He anticipates the possibility of that devotee becoming engrossed in worldly enjoyment.

Who is our sevya or master?

Shri Krishna alone is our sevya; "our" referring to the individual soul. The true and only master of the soul is Shri Krishna. Everyone in this world desires only happiness and is therefore the servant of happiness. Shri Krishna and unlimited divine happiness are one and the same thing. Thus, the individual soul is the servant of Shri Krishna, either knowingly or unknowingly. We are a part (ansh) of Shri Krishna who is our whole (anshi). The part or fraction always has a natural desire to love and serve the whole. For example, fire (ansh) always rises upwards because it is a part of the sun (anshi). A lump of earth always falls towards the earth (anshi); this is a natural law. It is the nature of all rivers to run towards the sea or its whole and merge into it. In the same way, we are a part or fraction of God and therefore we have a natural affinity and desire to meet God.

We can see through careful observation that this material world is made up of five elements (panchmahabhut). Our senses, mind and intellect are also made of the very same five elements: there is a natural affinity between them. Likewise, we are divine and a part of divine Shri Krishna. In this way, Shri Krishna is our sevya and once we understand this eternal truth then we will have a natural desire to serve Him. 


Original answers given in Hindi by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj 

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